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Jeffrey & Sheena

Waiting Families

Jeffrey & Sheena’s Story


We are Jeffrey and Sheena.  We have been happily together for 11 years and married for 6 of these years as of August 2022.  We currently do not have any children and cannot wait for the amazing change that bringing a new child into our home will bring. We are very excited about the idea of open adoption as we hope that our child’s birth family will become an extension of our own over time.  

We love to spend most of our time together and explore our city and province. Things we have really enjoyed recently would be, hiking, going for walks with the dogs, VR arcades, going to the movies, Sunday dinners with family, and visiting different farmers markets or town events.  

We have decided to grow our family through adoption for many reasons one being fertility issues, others being a long thought-out personal choice. We both believe family is who you love vs only being about the DNA you share.   

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