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Jeff & Lisa

Waiting Families

Jeff & Lisa’s Story

Hello! Our names are Jeff & Lisa. We have been together for five years and were married in 2019. Our little family is centred around faith, honesty, playfulness and love. We are committed to each other and to building a strong and loving family. We have a little pup named Maple and we love to explore different trails and parks with her. We are also part of a loving and close extended family and are lucky to be uncle & auntie to 2 amazing boys! 

Jeff enjoys electronics, playing guitar and being outside. Lisa loves to cook, read and putter in the garden. Together, we love to explore new coffee shops, go for hikes, do puzzles and work on our home renovations. We also love to take trips to the mountains a few times a year to rest and find balance, as we both work full time in our careers. We are looking forward to welcoming a child into our family through adoption and to take them on mountain adventures with us! 

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