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Jason and Nicole

Waiting Families

Hello, we are Jason and Nicole. 

Jason enjoys spending his time watching shows (like Game of Thrones), taking naps, playing with our kids, and drinking coffee. He is quiet, witty, hilarious and easy to be around. He loves God and his family deeply. 

Nicole enjoys home renovations and decorating, listening to worship music and spending time outdoors with family. She is strong-willed, inquisitive and creative. She loves God, her family and coffee with her whole heart. 

As a family of 4 we enjoy swimming, biking, road tripping, movie nights and generally just doing anything together. It’s so fun to explore our big world through the eyes of our children. 

We believe that open adoption grows our family not just in our home but also includes the members of birth families. It is a coming together of lives for the benefit of the adoptees. Our hearts have an endless capacity for love and it has been incredible to witness that effortless expansion of love with the addition of each of our kids AND their birth family members into our family. We look forward to watching the story God has written for our family continue to unfold. 

Hugs from all of us!

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