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Jacques and Lindsay

Waiting Families

Jacques and Lindsay’s Story

Hi! We are Lindsay and Jacques. We’ve been together for 20 years (time flies when you’re having fun!) and married for almost 14 years.

We share our home with an adorable and cuddly cat named Oscar. He’s gentle, sensitive, and curious.

Our home is also where we work, for a large technology company. We’ve prepared a nursery where we’ll be able to read lots of books to our child, play with toys and spend time with loved ones. We’re fortunate that both sets of our parents live nearby, along with many friends of ours with children to support us.

Jacques loves to read, rock climb indoors, an amateur bartender, and a rabid sports fan — there isn’t a sport he won’t watch and get excited about. Lindsay recently took up tennis lessons and watercolour painting, and loves going for long walks in our community, dancing, and spending time with friends.

After experiencing several years of infertility, we’ve found peace in believing everything happens for a reason. Adoption had been something we’d talked about for a long time and we know we’re meant to build our family through this process.

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