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Gordon & Eleanor

Waiting Families

Gordon & Eleanor’s Story

Hello! We are Elly and Gordon. We met in 2005 and married in 2010.

We have been through an eight-year journey of trying to become parents, with many ups and downs

Elly currently works supporting organizations.  Elly loves to try out new recipes and different restaurants with her friends. She often spends time in nature, going for short hikes in the mountains or the local parks. Elly is a keen learner and reads books about history, politics, and sustainability. She is also learning to read and speak Korean. Elly is close with her parents and her elder sister .

Gordon is a consultant who works out of his home office, helping his clients on business development and construction projects. In his spare time he loves fixing up old cars and spends many hours in his workshop figuring out his latest project – he is especially fond of old Camaros. Gordon is generally very handy. He is close with his parents and his brothers. 

One of our favourite things is to travel together – whether a day drive or bigger adventures in North America or to Austrailia.We are so excited about the possibility of becoming parents and we know that our family isn’t complete without children. 

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