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Gordon & Eleanor

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Gordon & Eleanor’s Story

Hello! We are Elly and Gordon.

We met in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia, where Elly is from. Our life together has been an adventure, not without its hardships along the way, and we are so grateful to have each other.

Elly loves to learn – she volunteers regularly, reads all sorts of books, and is learning to speak Korean. Dancing around the house to her favourite music is a regular occurrence! She is bright and friendly and has a close-knit circle of friends who will be part of our extended family when we become parents. Elly works in educational administration and relishes time in nature and cooking yummy meals.

Gordon’s passion and hobby is cars. He has taught himself how to re-build old Camaros and spends many hours in his workshop on his latest project. Gordon has his own business, helping his clients grow their companies or construct buildings. He is more introverted than Elly but is warm, caring and very funny when you get to know him.

Most weekends find us pottering around at home, enjoying each other’s company, and playing with our cat Rusty. We love travelling together to different places in North America and Australia.

Thank you for looking at our profile! We hope you will consider us as parents for your dear child, and that you will be a part of our lives. We want to give a little one a home filled with love and happiness and support them to grow into the best person they can be.

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