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Edward & Roxanne

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Edward & Roxanne’s Story

Creative and Active Couple Ready to Expand Our Family

Our names are Roxanne and Eddie. We have one son, Jacob, whom we adopted in April 2021. Our hope is to expand our family and provide a loving and caring home to another child. We think having a brother or sister, a child learns about sharing and acceptance. We value open adoption and as Jacob’s parents, have loved watching him grow. We hope we can have another opportunity to share our lives and hearts with another child.

We live near lots of parks, two schools and a future recreation centre. We are lucky to work at home and we both work part-time, so that we can spend more time with our family. We have many relatives living in the city, so we spend lots of time with them sharing meals or celebrating a special occasion.

We also enjoy many activities together – like hiking, going to the driving range, and attending concerts. Eddie plays team sports such as slo-pitch and hockey, and Roxanne likes kickboxing and doing weights. We also enjoy quiet nights at home with a good home-cooked meal and watching documentaries, science fiction, or martial arts movies.

Eddie’s personal interests include music (especially the Beatles), computers and technology and current events. Roxanne enjoys writing, gardening and playing piano. And we also love to travel – whether its nearby, like the Rocky Mountains, or overseas. Thanks for reading an introduction to who we are …

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