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David & Claudette

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David & Claudette’s Story


Our names are Claudette and Dave.  We’ve been married for over 15 yearsDave is a cancer survivor, and although he has made a complete recovery (over ten years cancer-free), it means we’re unable to have children in the usual way.  We still yearn to be parents, so we’re eagerly pursuing the adoption process.  We both grew up loving and playing with our siblings, so although we would be extremely happy to adopt one child, we hope to someday have more.

A couple of years ago, we welcomed Sam and Gordo, two big black cats who needed a new home.  They ARE very cute and affectionate, and they touch our hearts and make us laugh every day with their love and their sometimes-odd antics.  

When we’re not working or taking care of the cats, we pursue our hobbies with a passion.  Dave is a lifelong video gamer and an avid reader (especially in fantasy and science fiction genres).  He also plays Dungeons and Dragons every month with his friends and calls himself “King of the Nerds”.  Claudette is very loving and creative.  Her biggest hobby is building, remodelling, beautifying, and improving things around the house.  When she’s not working on projects like these, she’s usually researching ideas for her next one or watching documentaries or movies (she has a weakness for Tom Hiddleston and Matt Damon).  In providing the technical assistance for her projects, Dave has become quite a proficient handyman at things like plumbing, electrical work, and flooring.  We often joke that in another 10 years, not one piece of the original house will remain.

As much as we enjoy our life together and our hobbies, we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to lay them aside to raise children.  Even though we know parenthood isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, not a day goes by that we don’t wish for a child in our lives.

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