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Brendon & Sierra

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Brendon & Sierra’s Story

We are Brendon & Sierra!

We got married in 2015 and have been on our adoption journey since 2018.

A few things about us, we love going on road trips it is our favourite holiday form. We both enjoy cooking, breakfasts on the weekend and suppers you’ll always find in our home. Along with card games and board games, we seriously cannot stop trying new games! Music is always playing in our home, with one of us or both of us singing obnoxiously out of key, but it’s always a good laugh. If you can make it past the singing, you’ll be greeted by our two beautiful dogs when you walk in. We have a golden retriever and chocolate lab, and you’ll also see our two spunky rulers of the house, the cats!

We are both extremely close with our immediate and extended family, and we are always up to hosting a game night and supper, of course.

Our day-to-day life is pretty regular; Brendon works as a field/office supervisor. He has always thrived in his workplace and takes great pride in his work. We recently moved homes, so my day-to-day is turning the house into our dream home and learning new skills daily, so learning new home renovation projects and some pretty awesome DIY projects.

Always with love Brendon & Sierra

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