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Ben & Janice

Waiting Families

Ben & Janice’s Story


We are Janice and Ben. We were good friends for 15 years before getting married in 2017. When we first started dreaming of growing our family, adoption was the first choice for both of us. We didn’t know at the time that it may be our only choice as we later learned from our fertility doctor that our chances of having a child on our own are extremely low. So we continue to wait with great faith that the right match will come at the right time.

We are proof that opposites attract! We have different interests and love sharing them with each other. From climbing new mountain tops to exploring local neighbourhoods on bikes; from browsing modern art galleries and museums to cheering on historic sports teams; from checking out local restaurants to crushing Netflix shows at home–we have experienced more of the world together than we would have on our own. And we can’t wait to share those experiences with a growing family.

We love spending time with family and friends over walks, picnics, and board games. We have four little nephews ranging in age from one to 12, and are godparents and adopted uncles and aunties to a number of our friends’ children. We love reading and playing with them, planning little adventures, taking them to parks and playgrounds, and re-learning how to be silly and imaginative! We are grateful for all the little ones in our lives who teach us so much about being kind, curious, and creative. 

We both work in serving vulnerable people and communities, Janice through public service and Ben through non-profit work. Helping communities become places where everyone can thrive is close to our hearts, and we are part of a church community that believes in that too!

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