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Andrew & Corina

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Andrew & Corina’s Story

Hi! Thank you for taking this brief look into our lives. 

We are Andrew and Corina, and have been together for 8 years, married for over 6. We moved to an acreage a few years after getting married, with the hope of raising our family in the country. Having a biological child will be difficult, so adoption was an easy and exciting choice for us to make! 

When we are not at work, we are at home, working on our acreage. This is our favourite place to be, and the general upkeep, re-landscaping and taking care of the animals keeps us busy. Recently we added a greenhouse, where we grow and sell strawberries and other fresh produce.  

Next to being at home, we enjoy spending time with our family. Both of us come from large, supportive families, who are looking forward to welcoming another child into the family.

When we are not working at home or spending time with family, we like to go for drives, camp and spend time enjoying the outdoors.

We believe children are a gift from God, to love and cherish for a lifetime, and look forward to growing our family through adoption.  

Andrew & Corina

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