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Andre and Valarie

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Andre and Valarie’s Story

Hi there! We’re Val and André. We have been together for 19 years, and in those years have developed an incredibly strong foundation of love and support. We first met in nursing school. We have 2 incredible fur kiddos, Oliver the Great Dane and Luna the Mini Schnauzer.

Val is a Registered Nurse, who enjoys animals, the outdoors, travelling, making cards and crafts, and gardening. As well as loves spending time with family and friends. She has an incredibly kind and caring personality. More than anything in the world she would love to be a mom. “It would be the greatest blessing to one day be a mother and share all the wonders this world has to offer.”

André is a Cardiovascular Perfusionist, who enjoys animals, the outdoors, travelling, sailing, kayaking, golfing, cooking, and DIY-ing. He has a kind, loving and curious personality, mixed with good humour and the tendency to spoil the nieces, nephews, and fur kiddos. He values education, learning and teaching others, and eagerly dreams of one day sharing this with a little one and watching them discover the world.

It has been a wonderful life with the exception of missing out on the blessing of a little one to love and cherish. However, after many years of unsuccessful pregnancies, we discovered that we were unable to have children. Adoption has always been something that we had planned to incorporate as part of our family and we are extremely excited to embark on this incredible journey.

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