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Adam & Sarah

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Adam & Sarah’s Story

When we think about introducing ourselves, we aren’t sure what to start with. Are we the fun couple? We think so. Are we the stable couple? Absolutely. Can we provide unconditional love and resources? You betcha. We really love the life we’ve built; we have a home we are proud of; and we love having our loved ones in it. But we know our family is not yet complete.

We’re Adam – the stable one – and Sarah – the fun one – ha! Adam (he/him) loves baseball, weeps during movies, and is cool and calm while Sarah (she/her) is a bold stylista, firecracker, and underneath it all a love puddle. We yearn to grow our family through adoption. It’s our dream avenue, only avenue, to building our family. We are both well established in our careers, his in insurance, and hers in wardrobe consulting. While we possess very different personalities with separate interests, Adam is sports and gaming, Sarah’s is fashion and pop culture, we find balance. We love to ski together, travel to visit family near and far, host friends for BBQs and game nights, head to the movies, and sometimes just cosy up at home. Hopefully one day with a little one.

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