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Daveny Annabelle

We are over-the-moon delighted to announce the arrival of our daughter, Daveny Annabelle. Daveny was born November 1st, 2018, and was lovingly placed in our arms the next day by her birthmother. Born weighing just 5lbs 9 oz, we are amazed at how such a small person could quickly take up so much room in our hearts. We’re so excited and happy to be Daveny’s parents, and we’re truly humbled and grateful to have been chosen to be her parents by her wonderful birthmother. 

 The team at Adoption Options made this process of “hurry up and wait” much more bearable. A special thank you to Sheryl for guiding us through this whirlwind of a placement, and to Melinda for her support over the past few years. 


 Brad and Anita Nason

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