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Beautiful Baby Declan

We are so, so happily over the moon to introduce our beautiful baby Declan. He was born June 25th and lovingly joined our family June 28th.

After many, many years of waiting to be parents, our dreams have come true thanks to the selfless kindness and bravery of his beautiful birthmother. We are truly moved by her strength, courage and love for her son in making this incredibly difficult decision, and it is impossible to express our love and gratitude to her for entrusting us with this precious gift.

We want to thank the incredible people at Adoption Options for the amazing support and caring throughout our journey —especially Erika who is simply the best!

If you are waiting adoptive parents—especially those like us who have been waiting a very long time –please don’t lose hope. We know how hard the long wait is, and that it starts to feel like it might not ever happen. But, it WILL happen– right when you least expect it—and all the fears and worries and heartache will melt away into a joyful new life as parents.

Heather, Kurt, Declan and Chesterdog XOXOXOX

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