At Adoption Options you will be treated with dignity and compassion as you decide what is best for your child and yourself. 


All services to birthparents are confidential and free, regardless of your final decision. 

At Adoption Options we offer:

  • Information about all of your options in relation to your current circumstances
  • Choices as you decide on the adoptive family you would like to parent your child, and the degree of openness that best suits your needs
  • Counselling for you and involved family members both during and after your pregnancy and the placement of your child
  • Support of professional social workers and peer connections with experienced birthparents on a one-to-one basis or at regularly scheduled support group meetings as you work through the grieving process and setting goals for the future
  • Events facilitated by the agency  to provide opportunities to connect with the adoption community. These include our annual family picnics in Edmonton and Calgary; Birthmother's Day every May, and educational workshops and events during Adoption Awareness Month in November.

We offer our services to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer the same services to anyone who is currently parenting, but struggling and considering their options.