Baby Nolan

My wife and I couldn’t have been more excited to get the news we were chosen for an unborn child days before his birth. On Nov 6th, 2018 little Nolan Andrew Reid Parker was born at 5lb 4oz. We were both lucky enough to witness his birth and I even got to cut the umbilical cord!. The birth mother and family are amazing and we continue to keep in touch with them on a regular basis, sharing photos and stories over Facebook, Text/iMessage and a wonderful app named Tiny Beans that keeps moments private and shareable with family and close friends.

Chantelle was always there for us to help us and answer our questions as we waiting and navigated the system, if it wasn't for Adoption options we wouldn't be at this point in our lives. At times the process felt like it was dragging and other times it felt very fast paced. We learned that patience is truly a virtue and good things come to those who wait. In the end we are very pleased and couldn't be happier.
Amy and Michael


Daveny Annabelle



We are over-the-moon delighted to announce the arrival of our daughter, Daveny Annabelle. Daveny was born November 1st, 2018, and was lovingly placed in our arms the next day by her birthmother. Born weighing just 5lbs 9 oz, we are amazed at how such a small person could quickly take up so much room in our hearts. We’re so excited and happy to be Daveny’s parents, and we’re truly humbled and grateful to have been chosen to be her parents by her wonderful birthmother. 

 The team at Adoption Options made this process of "hurry up and wait” much more bearable. A special thank you to Sheryl for guiding us through this whirlwind of a placement, and to Melinda for her support over the past few years. 


 Brad and Anita Nason



With gratitude in our hearts and an unexplainable amount of love, we are excited to announce the adoption of our baby girl, Chloe. Chloe was born on October 5th, 2018 at 7:07am and 6lbs 7oz, and was lovingly placed in our arms immediately after birth. We spent some quality time in the hospital with the birth parents and Chloe just enjoying the wonder of a newborn baby, and she came home with us on October 6th. Our eternal love and gratitude goes to her birth parents who have high hopes for this little girl and have trusted that we can fulfill those dreams. We are looking forward to this adventure and everything it will bring! Thank you to everyone at adoption options, and especially Melinda, we could not have navigated this process without you! 

Chris & Amber 



We couldn’t be more thrilled to have this little man come into our lives. There’s really no describing how grateful and happy we are to be parents to this sweet little boy. He was definitely worth the wait. He came into our lives overnight but he’s been so good and the transition has been as easy as it could be. Even our kitty Gus has adjusted well to the change. Any and all of the difficulties we experienced getting to this point are swallowed up in the love and joy we feel by having Rockwell in our home. Couldn’t really be more impressed with Adoption Options through the whole process. Thanks to everyone there and, of course, the brave and selfless birth parents who’ve entrusted us and made this possible. We love him so much. 


 Jordan and Mandi and Rockwell Schmale 

Baby Oliver

It is our great pleasure to announce the arrival of our son Oliver. He was born at the Grey Nuns Hospital on Aug 30th, he weighed 7lbs and 5oz. He was placed with us on the day of his birth by his brave birthmother.

Thank you to everyone at AO as well as our family, friends and community for taking this journey with us. Having Oliver in our lives would not have been possible without the caring work of our social worker Erika, his birthmother, and the loving prayers and support of those around us.

Our hearts our full and our family is finally complete. 

-Dena & Derrick


Our Family Has Been Formed with Love

It is our absolute privilege to welcome our daughter Katrina Rose! Jason, Lisa and big sister Kira were happy to welcome Katrina with much anticipation and love on her birthdate August 16, 2018. Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude and love towards Katrina’s birthmom and birthfamily. Words truly cannot express our love for this little girl.

One moment can change a day, one day can change a life and one life can change the world ~ Buddha

Our family has been formed with love, two beautiful daughters and the amazing support of Adoption Options!

We are so grateful for the Adoption Options team who have always been incredible support during our adoption journeys.



The Best Will Come When You Least Expect It

“The best things in life happen unexpectedly. The best stories begin with 'and all of a sudden...' The best adventures were never planned as they turned out to be. Free yourself from expectations. The best will come when you least expect it.”

On August 5th, Garrison Alexander was placed lovingly within our family by his courageous and selfless birthmother. Our family has been created by two wonderful birth families. Our hearts are filled with so much love and adoration for the amazing gifts they have bestowed on us. Forever grateful to have the opportunity to watch these precious babies grow!

Donald, Amy, Gabriella & Garrison


Hello Riley Faye

It is with incredible joy that we announce our sleepless nights, endless diaper changes and mountains of bottle cleanings!! Riley Faye was born August 5, 2018 and selflessly placed in our arms August 7, 2018 by her brave, courageous and loving birth parents. We can’t thank them enough for their decision to choose us and thank God for entrusting us with such a precious gift. Special thanks to Melinda and Chantelle for all your support and guidance throughout this journey!! 

Jesse, Desiree and Riley Faye


Welcome Little Layla Legacy

We are overjoyed to announce the newest addition to our family, baby girl Layla Legacy. Layla was welcomed into this world on July 27, 2018 weighing just 3 pounds, 15 ounces, but a fighter nonetheless. She was airlifted by STARS Air Ambulance to the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. 

David (Daddy) and Adam (Papa) have been smitten with her from the very beginning. Our love has grown in the 11 short days that we have known her. While we are home from the hospital now, it will still be a while before little Layla is healthy enough to make her ‘public debut’ :-)

First and foremost, we thank Layla’s birthmother; she is an extremely brave woman. Layla will always know she has a beautiful, loving birthmother who shepherded her into this world. We would also like to thank all of the staff at the Royal Alex NICU for all of their care, attention and ‘tiny baby advice’. Last but not least we thank our adoption agency, Adoption Options, for making all of this possible in the first place.

If butterflies are the dreams we chase, than Layla is our butterfly. We are over the moon to welcome her into our family.

Adam, David and Layla


Our Dreams Have Been Fulfilled

Jen and I are beyond excited to introduce the newest addition to our family; Serena Olivia Ann. Serena was born on July 27th in Red Deer and joined our family on August 1st. Our dream to have a second child and complete our family has been fulfilled. Much joy has been brought to our lives and we are forever grateful to Serena's brave birthmother as well as everyone in our lives who have provided their unwavering support; our friends and family, and also everyone at Adoption Options, especially Chantelle and Erika who helped us navigate this incredible journey.
Sean and Jen

Serena Olive.jpg

Introducing Mhairi Ruth

After years of waiting, our hopes and dreams of having a child of our own have finally come true.

We’d like to introduce you to our daughter, Mhairi (pronounced Var-ee) Ruth. She was born on July 12th, 2018 at the Grey Nuns Community Hospital in Edmonton. A wee thing at 5 pounds 2 ounces, we are happy to report that Mhairi is healthy, though both mom and dad are still completely in shock. Mhairi was discharged on Monday after a short time in the Neo Natal ward, despite her parent’s objections that they couldn’t possibly do this on their own. She slept peacefully on the trip to her new home and enjoyed her first visit to the Donut Mill in Red Deer along the way.

We would like to thank all of the people who have been with us on this journey so far. We feel so very blessed to have such a loving and supportive community around us.

Much Love,

Chris, Janet and Mhairi


A Wonderful Gift

With long awaited joy and love in our hearts we, Brendan and Michelle,, are thrilled to announce the adoption of our beautiful baby boy!! Logan William James was born July 11, 2018 and lovingly placed in our arms July 13, 2018. Logan weighed 5lbs 12oz and was 49 cm long at birth.

Logan has made us a family, which is proof dreams really to come true. He’s a wonderful gift so precious, so little and so sweet. Our hearts are forever full and our lives complete. 

The miracle of adoption has truly touched us. Now, more than ever before, we believe the universe has a way of knowing when people belong together. We now not only have Logan in our lives but also his beautiful, strong and selfless birth mom and her family. We are truly humbled by her strength. No words or actions will ever express the gratitude and love we have for her and we look forward to continuing our life’s journey together. 

A big thank you to Nathalie, Barb, Darlene and the others at Adoption Options. Your support, encouragement and guidance throughout our long 5 year wait and especially through the past 2 months is greatly appreciated. To those still on the wait list…..we know for real how hard it is to be hopeful everyday but please believe the Adoption Options staff when they say the birth families will choose you when the time and match is right and when it does trust us….few events in life can compare to the joy!


Surrounded by Love

Aaron and I have long wanted to grow our family and we are beyond grateful to Adoption Options and to our birth family for making that a reality. 

Little Micah Lion is surrounded by love - grandparents on both sides, birth grandparents, cousins, friends, the birth parents and us. It takes a village to raise a child and he will have that.
So grateful to the birth mom for her brave and selfless decision to place this lion with us.

Luv, a & a


Beautiful Baby Declan

We are so, so happily over the moon to introduce our beautiful baby Declan. He was born June 25th and lovingly joined our family June 28th.

After many, many years of waiting to be parents, our dreams have come true thanks to the selfless kindness and bravery of his beautiful birthmother. We are truly moved by her strength, courage and love for her son in making this incredibly difficult decision, and it is impossible to express our love and gratitude to her for entrusting us with this precious gift.

We want to thank the incredible people at Adoption Options for the amazing support and caring throughout our journey —especially Erika who is simply the best!

If you are waiting adoptive parents—especially those like us who have been waiting a very long time --please don’t lose hope. We know how hard the long wait is, and that it starts to feel like it might not ever happen. But, it WILL happen-- right when you least expect it—and all the fears and worries and heartache will melt away into a joyful new life as parents.

Heather, Kurt, Declan and Chesterdog XOXOXOX


If you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts! 

We have so much gratitude in our hearts this past month as we, Kevin and Casey, become parents to brothers Lachlan James Bernard, 22 months and baby Bennett Richard, born June 20th, weighing 7 pounds 11 ounces. 

Our courageous birth mother blessed us twice a week apart! From the moment Lachlan toddled in our home, to the first time we held Bennett, we fell instantly in love.

We would like to thank our birth mother and her family for their support and love, we are all in this together! And a very special thank you to the hard working staff at adoption options, especially our social worker, Erika who was with us all every step of the way.

If you think our hands are full, you should see our hearts!