The journey of building a family through adoption may feel like completely unfamiliar territory at the moment. It may feel scary and lonely at times, but you are not alone. We are here to help you understand adoption and the adoption process, and to help turn your dreams into realty. 

We recognize that many individuals and couples have come to explore adoption because of their personal experiences of loss. The journey to consider adoption takes many roads. Struggles with infertility, or pregnancy losses. Singles and same sex couples wishing to start a family. The pain of distance and desire to adopt family members from another country. However you arrived here, we welcome you. Adoption Options works with prospective adoptive parents to help them create their families through adoption. Our team will provide a caring and supportive environment to help you through every step of the process. 

Types of adoption

There are a number of different types of adoption which adoptive parents may consider. Adoption Options provides services and support for each type of adoption.

  • Domestic Open Adoption
    Open Adoption brings together birthparents who wish to place their baby or child for adoption with prospective adoptive parents. The birthparents select the family they wish to adopt their child, and after placement there is some form of ongoing contact between the birthfamily and adoptive family. The majority of adoptions through this program are infants.
  • International Adoption
    International adoption is for those wishing to adopt a child from another country. Those wishing to adopt a relative from another country also go through the international adoption process.
  • Private Direct Adoption
    Private direct adoptions are when birthparents place their child directly with a family they know, or within their own family. 

Who can apply?

At Adoption Options, we accept people of any age (over 18), religion, marital status, sexual orientation and family size who live in Alberta. If you are a couple, we require that you have been living together at least two years. There is no "ideal" family. Each birthparent comes to us with their own personal criteria and they seek different characteristics in the future parents of their child. It is this "magic" process of finding the right match that makes open adoption so positive and successful. Consequently we like to have a wide variety of families.