Hearts of Adoption Options: A Tribute to my Daughter, A Birthmother

Birthmother Tribute and Adoption Circle devotion


As a proud Birth Grandma I would like to honour my daughter who is celebrating Birthmother’s Day on May 12th.

Almost 20 years ago as a very young person of 15, my daughter bravely faced an unplanned pregnancy. It was a very emotional time and she needed our love and support. She also needed help understanding what her options were. We were fortunate to find Adoption Options, where she heard about Open Adoption as one of the choices available to her. Open Adoption is what she chose as the best option for her situation.

I was and still am amazed by her strength, wisdom, selflessness and determination to give her baby the best chances possible in life. I saw the love she felt as she placed her baby into the waiting arms of the adoptive parents. And then I saw the love of the adoptive parents as they warmly embraced both their new child and my daughter, all of them together.

I’m so proud that she went on to graduate grade 12 with her classmates, and that she continued her education to become a social worker. She has since married and has two more beautiful children.

One of the wonders of Open Adoption is that she and all our family, are considered part of her birth daughter’s extended family. We regularly see one another. I think we all continue to be inspired both by her choice of Open Adoption and by what a positive experience it has been and continues to be. We are so happy that we all remain part of her birth daughter’s life.

Happy Birthmother’s Day my dear daughter.

“Thank you Adoption Options for being there when we needed you and for your continued support”.
Brenda, A BirthGrandmother

Adoption Circle Devotion by an unknown author

Thank you for each person in our circle.
Thank you for their courage to come and share their story.
Thank you that in this place there is understanding, acceptance and love.
Thank you for the happy stories for the excitement and the hope they bring for how we  validate and honor one another.
Thank you for your comfort when we grieve; when our hearts are breaking and our tears are flowing you are there holding us in your arms.

Thank you for Birthparents,
for their selfless surrendering of their precious babies, for their strength in silent suffering.
Please continue to heal their broken hearts and make them whole again.

Thank you for the Adoptive parents,
for their eager willingness to provide what others deeply wished they could for their love of family beyond the boundaries of blood.
Please give them assurance of their significance in their life of their chosen child and in the special bond they share.

Thank you for the Child,
for giving them life regardless of circumstance,
for calling them your child regardless of their home,
for loving them wholly even when they feel broken.
Please provide them healing where they hurt, and bring them peace with who they are.
Mostly, thank you for loving us and for showing us how to love.

May we be compassionate, may we be patient, may we be forgiving.
May we have peace.
Thank you for the positive option of open adoption.