Bill 206

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Alberta Adoption Advertising bill is to allow Alberta licensed adoption agencies to place profiles of approved and waiting prospective adoptive applicants on the licensed adoption agency website. Regulations are still to be developed prior to the approval of this bill. Please review the link below for the Alberta legislature for further understanding. 11

Last year there was much discussion and media attention as this Bill regarding advertising legislation for the purpose of adopting a child or placing a child for adoption was debated and ultimately unanimously proclaimed in legislature. What does this then mean? A copy of Bill 206 is linked above. Committees are now meeting to discuss regulation development to support this change. As noted in the Bill, prospective adoptive parents must be approved and waiting with a licensed adoption agency and guidelines around profile postings will be developed and administered through the agency licensed in Alberta. Adoption Options fully supports this modernization of the adoption legislation with the understanding from our stakeholders that we need to ensure privacy and protection for all involved. Adoption Options is working hard to advocate thoughtful regulation development with Alberta Children’s Services. I have personally had many meetings, phone calls and emails with Directors from other provinces, agencies, stakeholders, community members, lawyers, MLAs and the list goes on. This includes review of other provinces adoption regulations and even a few states in the United States. All to ensure this is done effectively, carefully and is tangible.

There is much to consider. In fact, many media postings about this Bill lead the reader to believe that as of January 1, 2018 people can advertise for adoption. No! Penalties for those in contravention of this remain in effect. This would include anyone posting on social media their desire to place a child for adoption or be placed with a child through adoption. There is lots to be done still…from general education development and implementation, technology changes / development, legal requirements, and clear regulations for all to follow. I look forward to providing you with an update with this developing regulation change. We expect it to take time.

2018 will bring many changes for Adoption Options and we believe it will be an exciting and busy year! Stay tuned, as we will likely be seeking volunteer support to implement necessary changes coming.

Wishing each of you the very best.

We remain committed to ensuring best adoption practice always.

Sheryl Proulx BSW, RS
Executive Director