Hearts of Adoption Options

I had Jessica when I was just shy of 17 years old. I was in love instantly. She was such a joy to be around, always smiling and making me laugh. A few months went by and I thought to myself, what does her life look like through her eyes? Hmm, not as great as I'd like it to be. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible but it wasn't enough. A friend of mine told me about Adoption Options so I went to their office and looked at a few files. Jessica was 6 months old at this time. I took 3 files home with me so I could continue looking them over. They just didn't feel like the right fit. Jessica and I spent her first birthday together, heaven for me but I still knew, there needs to be more. Then a new file came in and I immediately headed over to Adoption Options. I read it over and looked at all of the pictures and I knew, this is her family! It was one of those "clouds part, angels sing" moments! We met a few days later and they were perfect for us. Jessica even crawled over and hugged her soon to be mom. Talk about meant to be 🙂 It was just around Christmas time and I thought about having her for one more Christmas but then wouldn't it be just amazing for this new couple and Jessica to share their first of many Christmas's together starting right now? We made arrangements (contract) of seeing each other 6 times a year and pictures every 2 months and special occasions. This didn't always work out but maybe I asked for too much. They needed to have a life too and not have to always worry about sending me letters and pictures. Fast forward to Jessica being 11. Now that she's a little lady she wanted to start chatting on the phone. Our first phone call lasted a few hours 🙂 And then over the years we chatted on the phone, Skype'd and I visited her several times a year. As she got older she would come see me, spending reading week with me etc. She lives in Calgary, I live in Vancouver. I remember fondly that she was dating a boy who really wanted to meet her 'tummy mommy' so on one of my visits to see her I met this young man. He is now her husband 🙂 Wouldn't you know it, I met my husband the same year they got married! And now it's not just visiting her, it's visiting our 5 grandbabies too! She has said many times how fortunate she feels that her children have 3 sets of active grandparents (his parents, her parents and me and my husband). We are all so very fortunate! And I feel very fortunate that Adoption Options exists, otherwise I would not have been able to keep in contact and have all of these beautiful babies in my life!!! Nor would I see the exceptional woman Jessica turned into!