Hearts of Adoption Options

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The DALAKOUDIS family is on the Blog!! Photo courtesy of Amy Bell from Modern Nest Photography. (www.modernnestphotography.com) Amy Bell is a proud adoptive mother who has a soft spot for capturing the love of families created through adoption.

Adoption is now sewn into my very being. I cannot imagine not being Jordan's mom. We chose to adopt and thank goodness we did because Jordan is in my soul forever. We don't have a story of years of trying to conceive. We got married young and didn't conceive after 4 years of marriage. After consulting with doctors we were encouraged to try fertility drugs and treatment. This did not feel right to me. So we decided to explore adoption. Immediately I knew this was my preferred choice for starting a family. It makes me cringe when people say "oh how come you had to adopt?". I always respond with "I didn't have to adopt...it was the best choice I ever made!".

So ironically, after nine months of waiting we became parents to Jordan. It was an instant placement. I was sitting at my desk working away in the morning and by the afternoon I was a full blown mom with no warning. Adoption is not easy. It's a constant emotional roller coaster, but worth it in every way possible. From waiting to be picked by birth parents, to wondering if you and your child will bond and then trying to build healthy relationships so your child is given opportunity to develop in a world knowing they belong. I would do all of it a million times over again if it meant in the end I was Jordan’s mom.

He is now 8 years old and he is starting to ask the questions that I knew would come. I just want him to know that he is loved by so many people in this world. We are so connected that I know he feels we are meant to be together. I never want to take away the fact that there is also a birthmom out there, who also loves him very much. We have not been able to have a relationship with her because of circumstances of her wellbeing. This is something we cannot change and maybe it is not ideal but it is our family. Also ironically nine months after adopting Jordan...I found out I was pregnant with another baby boy. So we went from no kids to two kids within less than a year and half. Now if that's not meant to be then I don't know what is... I am always open to meeting with prospective adoptive parents and birth families to share our story and love. . .

Rebecca Mcroberts Dalakoudis