Global News - Forever Families Series

Global News Calgary
Three Part Series: 2016 November 14, 15, 16

Global News created a wonderful series about open adoption and the positive ways in which families come together, highlighting several of our truly amazing Adoption Options' families. Jill Croteau explored the joys and the challenges of adoption in this 3 part series, which aired Monday Nov 14, Tuesday Nov 15, and Wednesday Nov 16 on the 6 o'clock news. If you missed any of the broadcasts, the links below will take you there.

Part 1
3 birth moms and 2 parents: how open adoption worked for an Alberta family
"Erica Brunelle is one young woman who never hesitated when she discovered she was pregnant. At 22 years old she decided her unborn child deserved a kind of life she couldn’t provide."

Part 2
Keeping siblings together: the dynamics of an open adoption
"Not all adoptions are created equally, particularly when multiple children are involved. Calgary resident Jill, who had four children—including a set of twins—is at the heart of an open adoption journey." 

Part 3
Calgary birth mom in open adoption hopes for reunion later in life
"They hadn’t even met her yet and already a mother who had just given birth chose her baby’s new parents. A birth mom went through files of adoptive parents and decided Pamela and John Ramotowski deserved the gift of her newborn son."

A heart-felt thank you to all our families who so graciously and openly shared their stories.