November is Adoption Awareness Month!

We invite and challenge you to celebrate adoption and raise awareness during the month of November. Here are some activities and ideas to get you started...

Adoptive Parent Support Group Meeting, Calgary

Wednesday, November 23th
Join adoptive and waiting families in Talking about Adoption with your Child. Discussion about how to share your child’s adoption story with him/her. Strategies, resources, and tips used by others.  How and when to bring up the tough stuff...

Adoptive Parent Support Group Meeting, Edmonton

Thursday, November 3rd
Join adoptive and waiting families in talking about When Partners or Relatives Are Reluctant About Adoption. This will be a webinar and the talk will be given by Brooke Randolf.  We will also have time to talk together about your own experiences and hear what has worked for you.

And Thursday, November 24th
Edmonton’s second group meeting in November will welcome guest speaker Lisa Rogozinsky from the Edmonton FASD Network. Lisa will bring her experience and expertise, covering the “who, what, when, where, and why’s of FASD”, as well as talking about the strengths children who have FASD, possess, and what can be accomplished for children with the right intervention. 

The Adoptive Parent Group is an open, ongoing and supportive group sponsored by Adoption Options for our adoptive parents and waiting couples. For more information, location, meeting dates and times, visit

Community Natural Foods
Change for the Earth

Adoption Options has been chosen as a feature charity in Community Natural Foods’ Change for the Earth program! You can participate in this unique fundraising  and awareness opportunity when you shop at Community Natural Foods in Calgary during the month of November. It's so easy ... bring your own bags, shop, donate your bag credit, and CNF will double the donation to Adoption Options. Raise awareness of Adoption as a Positive Option by spreading the word about adoption and this unique program, and support Adoption Options at the same time. See attachment for more information and store locations.


Let's honour adoption with creating some positive adoption awareness....

Let's honour adoption with creating some positive adoption awareness....

Celebrate Adoption Awareness Month in Multiple Ways...

Spreading the word about adoption is easier than you think! Help us raise awareness about the positive option of adoption by reaching out to your community.

Email It... Put a short message about Adoption Awareness Month in your email signature. Add links to our homepage (, Adoption Awareness page ( , and/or our 2016 video (

Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Pin It... Use your social media networks to spread the love!  Don't forget to platform for more ideas.

Screen It... Borrow a great adoption-related video, or an article from our blog or facebook page that you can screen for your family or friends.

Hand It Out... Ask your community school/church/club/rec centre/coffee shop if you can place our agency brochures on a bulletin board or in the lobby. We can provide you with cards and brochures upon request.

Share It... Organize a presentation on adoption or share your own story at your work/school/community centre or in the media.  Nothing promotes adoption like real family experience!

Write It... Send a letter to the editor of a local newspaper or the producer of a radio program/TV talk show and encourage them to cover a story on adoption. Or write to thank them for an adoption story they’ve already done.

Publish It... Share a few words or a short testimony about your adoption journey to be posted on our website. Write a perspective or adoption article and submit it as a guest columnist on our blog.

 Use It... Use and share Positive Adoption Language. This raises awareness, combats misconceptions and educates others about adoption as a positive option. Find examples at

Contact our Director of Outreach, Jean Lucas at: for more information about how valuable your support in promoting adoption awareness can be!

Spread the love....adoption options

Spread the love....adoption options


Adoption Options is indebted to its many incredible volunteers who work in the background to enable the agency to be the best it can be. From fundraising and event planning to website development and outreach presentations - waiting, adoptive and birth parents step up to support us and we are deeply grateful. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

We are currently looking for volunteers to support us with the following:

  • Website management and optimization
  • Adoption awareness in schools and places of worship
  • Fundraising (online auction, anyone?)
  • Pride Parade planning

Please contact Jean at  if you would like to join our volunteer force.

Thanks to all of you in our Adoption Options’ Circle of Family and Friends. Your love, your light, your support and your energy remind us daily of the important work that we do and the positive impacts adoption bring to our families and our community. We celebrate you this November, National Adoption Awareness Month, and every month!

From all of us at Adoption Options
Sheryl ~ Diane ~ Liz ~ Darlene ~ Vivian ~ Barb ~ Chantelle ~ Erika ~ Melinda ~ Nathalie ~ Jean

Together we can make a difference

Together we can make a difference

Adoption Options is Alberta's leading licensed adoption agency. We are committed to providing caring support, quality information and choices to anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy and to Alberta residents wishing to create a family through adoption.