Adoption Options: About Us Video
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Adoption Options was created in 1985 when our founder, Marilyn Shinyei recognized a need for and desire by women to have more choice and increased control when placing their children for adoption. Thanks to Marilyn and a small group of passionate and compassionate women, open adoption in Alberta was realized for the very first time. Adoption Options is often referred to as the Pioneer of Open Adoption in Canada.

Adoption Options is dedicated to bringing together children with loving families.  Our programs and services focus on International, Private-Direct, and Domestic Open Adoption, while providing support for anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. We strive to find permanent, loving, stable, forever homes for all children.  

Why openness in adoption? Open adoption evolved from the basic belief that people handle their lives and their destinies best when addressed with truth and honesty, instead of secrecy and half-truths. Four key components are choice, candor, connection and commitment. An open adoption means that the birthmother selects the family for her baby, there is a face-to-face meeting (in most cases), an exchange of full identifying information, and an agreement for some form of ongoing contact. The goal of openness is to minimize loss (while fully acknowledging and grieving this loss), and to maintain and celebrate connections.

Since our beginnings in 1985 introducing Domestic Open Adoption, Adoption Options has added the International Adoption Program and a Private Direct Adoption Program.

Adoption Options is the leader in adoption in Alberta. Since our first placement in February 1985, we have successfully brought together over 1800 children with their forever families through international, private direct and domestic open adoption. We facilitate between 40 and 60 adoption placements each year. Our annual placements are greater than the total placed by all of Alberta's other licensed adoption agencies.

Adoption Options is a not-for-profit agency and a registered charity.