Adoption Options
About Adoption Options

Adoption Options is Albertaís Leading Licensed Adoption Agency. Our professionally trained staff offer comprehensive and caring services in the following areas:

Working with expectant parents who are considering placing their children for adoption.

Working with prospective adoptive parents who are residents of Alberta to assist them in creating their families through our Licenced Agency Adoption Program, our International Program, or our Private Direct Program.

Providing post adoption or post reunion counselling to adopted children and adults, adoptive families and birthfamily members.

Did You Know?

Adoption Options is the longest established agency in Alberta, providing services since 1985.

Adoption Options is often referred to as the Pioneer of Open Adoption in Canada.

Adoption Options is a not-for-profit agency and a registered charity.

Adoption Options received a service award from the Premierís Council in Support of Albertaís Families in February 1992.

Since our first placement in February 1985, Adoption Options makes 50-60 placements per year. Our placements are higher each year than the total placed by Albertaís other four licensed adoption agencies together. For more information go here (follow link for statistics).

Adoption Options is the first agency to recognize and bring Birthmotherís Day to Canada. In 2010, Birthmotherís Day falls on May 7th.

Adoption Options produces the newsletter, Adoption Matters, and has a bookstore and a lending library in both offices.


We are the leaders in open adoption in Alberta, having facilitated open adoptions since 1985. We have brought hundreds of birth and adoptive families together through the placement of over 1300 children and the reuniting of over 1000 clients with birthfamily members through our search and reunion work. With offices in both Calgary and Edmonton and additional professional staff located in several others areas of the province, we are able to serve all areas of the province.

Unique to our organization is the fact that its founders and several staff members are adoptive parents, birthparents and adopted persons who played an active role in the development of grassroots adoption support and activist groups in Alberta. These same people now bring their professional expertise and personal experience of and passion for adoption to their work at Adoption Options. They serve in the broader adoption community as well, presenting workshops at local, national and international conferences, and sitting on adoption-related committees and boards.


Adoption Options believes that adoption is a positive option for babies and children, birthparents and adoptive parents. Every adoption is unique; no one way is suitable for everyone. All parties to an adoption have the right to be fully informed of all the possibilities. Once fully informed, the participants choose the process that best meets their needs. Each participant is treated with respect and dignity at all times by the staff at Adoption Options. We serve all Albertans and welcome a diversity in race, religion, family makeup and lifestyles.